Ideas for a romantic dinner to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th is the day of love and friendship, Valentine’s Day.

Although you don’t need a special day to spend time with your partner or your friends (any time is a good time), these marked days help to remind us of the importance of being surrounded by the people that you love the most, and so these days are the perfect excuse to plan something special.

Arrange a perfect dinner – with or without candles, the important thing is being together.

Argal idea!

To begin, you can prepare various light and tasty starters, which aren’t too time-consuming or that you can prepare in advance, or even make a balanced dinner made up of appetisers. Here are some more lightweight and quick snack ideas:

  • Pastry spirals with Argal salsichón
  • Some canapés with sliced bread and thin slices
  • Fresh pineapple and Bonnatur Argal ham
  • Toast with Argal Iberian loin
  • An Argal Iberian chorizo mini-sandwich
  • Croquettes with Argal Iberian Ham

They look good, don’t they?

Some more…

If you do not want to get complicated and still have a great result, make a special sandwich with a glass of good wine. We suggest a recipe for a baguette sandwich with mushroom paté, brie, red leaf lettuce, Argal Bonnatur cooked turkey and red fruit jam.
This recipe is a surefire winner!

What about a salad?

If you fancy something lighter, go for a salad, made with assorted seasonal ingredients. We have some examples, pick the one you like: citrus fruit salad with Argal Jamón Ibérico, Argal serrano ham salad with parmesan, fig salad with Argal cured ham and goat’s cheese.


And for dessert, let your imagination run wild: a little chocolate with cream…or better! Mascarpone and berries crepes. No one will be able to resist!