Spanish Charcuterie
since 1914

Tradition, quality and excellence: the taste of a unique experience.

Enjoying one of our products means tasting all of the expertise Argal has gained over a century, respecting the original recipes. This is the only way we know to keep our customers’ trust and loyalty, and to become a renowned company for the excellence in the quality of our products. We look towards the future without forgetting our past.
The origin of our products: Argal production centers are located in the most traditional Spanish regions for each product, to achieve their authentic flavours.

The authentic taste of
iberian cured meats

from the woodland
pastures of Extremadura

The origin of our products: Argal production centres are located in the most traditional Spanish regions to achieve the most authentic flavours


Fregenal de la Sierra

In the heart of the Extremaduran Dehesa lies a village abounding with tradition. Here Ibérico pigs are reared and fed not only on acorns and pasture, but also on air, sun, clouds, mountains... This accounts for their Ibérico nature, unique and unmistakable.



The region is known for, among other things, its diverse cuisine and culinary traditions. From these culinary traditions, heavily influenced by the Mediterranean culture, we inherited very characteristic naturally dried sausages, such as fuet or longaniza de payés. At Argal we prepare these products according to traditional recipes.


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