The respect for the good and the passion for things well done since 1914


Our purpose is to understand and satisfy the needs of those consumers looking for quality and tradition in every one of our products.


Day by day we keep growing internationally, innovation is what takes our products further.


After so many years of experience we have never changed our attitude, effort and compromise. Time has proved this is the only way to achieve success.

Our secret is to go into the future without forgetting our past


Argal started as a family business in a little butcher's shop in the famous Calle de la Estafeta in Pamplona, known for the festival of San Fermin. We have always worked with high quality raw ingredients,, continuously improving our facilities and processes with the best technology, always respecting tradition.


During our over 100 years of existence, we have alwayspromised quality, development and innovation throughout our product range.Natural cured meats, such as cooked and cured ham, jamón iberico, turkey, salchichón, paté and many other ready-to-eat product can be found in over 30 countries.

Our history

1914 Image


Argal started out as a family business alongside the legendary street of Calle Estafeta in Pamplona, with an industrial meat factory and a butcher's shop selling pork.


The Echavacoiz plant in Pamplona concentrates production with its successive enlargements until 1970.


Building work on the Lumbier plant in Navarre was completed this year. Set in the middle of the countryside, it became one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe.


A new plant was officially opened in Miralcamp (Catalonia), with new product lines and the most innovative technology.


The Argal Ibéricos range was given a major boost from the construction of a new facility in Fregenal de la Sierra (Extremadura). The new plant began operating in late 2005.


Argal began its internationalisation process and set up subsidiary companies in Germany and France.


The first "white room" began operating at the Miralcamp plant. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology for producing the sliced meats range, including Argal “al plato” Charcuterie, in convenient and practical packaging with easily separated slices.


Argal introduces new meal solutions to its wide range of products with salads to suit everyone - delicious, natural and ready to eat.


Argal turns 100 years old. The company's Centenary Edition products are the result of respect, admiration and passion for a job well done since 1914.

Argal today

More than 1.000 employees

More than 2.350 orders daily

Present over 40 countries

5 plants in Spain

11 logistic centers on the world

43.500 tons

Our facilities


Fregenal de la Sierra

In the heart of the Extremaduran Dehesa lies a village abounding with tradition. Here Ibérico pigs are reared and fed not only on acorns and pasture, but also on air, sun, clouds, mountains... This accounts for their Ibérico nature, unique and unmistakable.



The region is known for, among other things, its diverse cuisine and culinary traditions. From these culinary traditions, heavily influenced by the Mediterranean culture, we inherited very characteristic naturally dried sausages, such as fuet or longaniza de payés. At Argal we prepare these products according to traditional recipes.

Argal in the world

You can find our products in over 40 countries worldwide, and growing.