At what age can children start eating cold meats?

The introduction of babies to new foods usually starts at 6 months and should always be done with great caution, patience, in small quantities and observing the child’s reaction.

How to start?

Start with very soft fruits, then gluten-free cereal, and gradually, it’s fair to say that most children at 2 years-old can eat almost anything.

With children, optimal nutrition, and a varied, balanced homemade diet rich in nutrients has a direct effect on the rate of development and growth, both physical and mental; so it pays to be aware of the importance of going shopping, cooking fresh, quality, seasonal food at home to ensure optimal nutrition.

Protein-rich foods, is meat, fish, eggs and their derivatives, are an essential source of proteins of high biological value. These are fundamental for development and growth as they have a role in tissue creation, as well as many other functions. These foods can be introduced from 7 months, starting with very lean meats that are easily digested, such as chicken or turkey, in small amounts of about 30 grams (always without skin or visible fat) and only once per day.

Babies can start eating protein-rich food from 7 months. Start with soft meat in very small quantities, at this stage shredded chicken or turkey in vegetable mush would be ideal.

Later, at about 8 months, you can introduce beef fillet and white fish, still in small quantities and only once per day, usually at noon. Then, at about 10 or 11 months, you can introduce lean parts of the pig such as the sirloin; and then cooked ham or low-salt turkey from 11 or 12 months, the same as egg yolks. A whole egg can be introduced at a year and a half of age (half is enough) and it not advisable to introduce oily fish or other cold meats until two years of age.

Quality cooked ham or turkey , such as Argal Bonnatur, are among the few meat products that may be eaten regularly and are perfect for the whole family: mild flavor, very tender and good nutritional properties (low in fat, low in saturated fat, low in sugar and high in protein) as well as easy to use. Babies can be given small pieces, adapted to their teething, from 11 months.